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Updated Tuesday, January 05, 2010 5:54 PM

Candidates file for Grayson County elections



The list for candidates for the March 2010 primary were compiled Tuesday and left some incumbents facing challengers.

Though many Republicans were rumored to be filing to run against Grayson County Judge Drue Bynum, he drew no opponent for the primary.

Two Democrats, Greg Middents and Glen Melançon will face each other to see who will go up against Bynum in the Fall elections.

Carol Siebman, judge of the Grayson County Court-at-Law No. 2, drew an opponent for the primary in Jack McGowen.

Three Republicans want to be take District Clerk Tracy Powers' post. Powers did not file for re-election. Kathy Aaron, Kelly Clark Ashmore, and Michele Guedea will face off in the primary for the spot.

Wilma Bush, county clerk, drew no challengers for the primary or the general election.

David Whitlock, commissioner Precinct 2, drew two challengers, one for the primary and one for the fall election. Republican Martin McLain is challenging Whitlock for the primary. The winner of that race will face Democrat Roy Fuller in the Fall.

The post of commissioner in Precinct 4 is up for grabs with no incumbent in the hunt. Commissioner Gene Short is leaving the post after more than 20 years. Republicans Bart Lawrence and Mike Springer will face each other in the primary to see who will face Democrat Mike Brady in the Fall.

Incumbent Virginia Hughes, Democrat, drew no challenger for the primary, but will face Republican Trent Bass in the Fall.

Justices James Harris, Precinct 2, Mike Reeves, Precinct 3 and Brian Gary, 397th state district, and James Henderson, county court-at-law 1, drew no challengers for the election cycle.

Comments ... 4 found!

: 2/1/2010
I encourage all to keep hope in the Republican Party not any one person represents the whole party. we are still conservitives and we will make a change with the help of the people, voting to get those out who claim to be. The republican party is founded on the little guy and we are still out here you just have to look harder for us and not let money on adds and signs draw you to the light. as moths going for a bug light we all know the light is dangerous and is just a lure to trap its pray with blindness. God Bless and help make a change VOTE for change.


What? : 1/6/2010
Did anyone understand what "local GOP will not listen." say? I am confused what he wrote but I generally agree about the current county judge is a self loving self serving ego.

jay p.

candidates : 1/6/2010
Do you like the way our county government is being run? I sure don't. The County Judge, Mr. Bynum is a horrible choice. He was elected in 2006 because "it was anybody but Tim McGraw." The republican good old boys who run county government should all be thrown out of office. They do not represent the average Joe and Jane.

I was a loyal republican but not anymore

Local GOP will not listen : 1/6/2010
No GOP opponent for King Bynum. Unfortunitly the Dems. will beat him in the fall. If thats happens taxes are going up. When it happens don't come crying to me. I tried running against King Bynum and got labeled a pro-life nut and a whispering campaign scared folks off and so called friends stabbed me in the back. The powers that be in the GOP will not listen about cleaning their porches. I hope Judge Siebman and Daid Whitlock do not loose over King Bynum. 42 years of grass root experience tells me the GOP could be in trouble. I will continue to support true conservative pro-life republicans. But after the rubber stampiing of large pay raises for the appraisal district by King Bynum the Dems. will beat him and all we worked for gone, tax and spend prevails in Grayson County no matter how you look at it. Yes, when Bynum ran the first time I campaigned for him, I apologize because I never thought he would become a dictatoral sell out. But he did. For those who will hate me now, My mother had the anwser for you, "If the truth hurts? Change your ways." Yeah I am just a sore unimportant looser, well when you get your tax bill from the County you will be sore too and you will not even get a kiss.

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